Meet The Faculty Of The College Of Arts & Sports

Introducing the CAS Faculty

Name: Julie Spence

Location: Australia and the nations

Area of passion: Event Management and arts&sports to reach the lost. 

Motto: “All things are possible only believe in Him who calls you.”

Email:  julie @ 

Name:  Maria (Hyun Ok) Jackson

Location: Kona, Hawaii, USA

Area of passion: Arts & Media

Motto: “Try to Love Jesus every moment!”

Email:  maria @

Name: Sandy Yearwood

Location: Caribbean

Area of passion: Performing Arts & Events

Motto: “Love God, love others – simple words that make a huge difference in our lives.”

Email: sandy.yearwood @ 

Name: John LaDue

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Area of passion: sports ministry

Motto: “Pressing on towards the high calling”

Email: johnladue @

Name: Faby Ruesga

Location: Hong Kong

Area of passion: Performing Arts & Media

Motto: " Step out and watch God move in the impossible"

Email: faby.ruesga @ 

Name: Karen Lafferty

Location:Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

Area of passion:1) Music in Worship & Evangelism 2) Mentoring musicians 

Motto: "All it takes for evil to triumph is for good people (Christians) to do nothing!" 

Email: klaffertycas @

Name: Belinda van de Loo

Location:  Netherlands

Area of Passion:  Worship ministry

Motto: “Calling the nations to worship their Creator”

Email:  belinda @ 

Name : Noémie Jean-Bourgeault

Location : Montreal, Canada

Area of passion : Visual Arts

Motto : "What is essential is invisible to the eyes"

Email : noemie @

Name: Mitch Anderson

Location:  Chile

Area of passion: Sports ministry

Motto: “Sharing the Gospel through sports and surfing”

Email:  andersonsurf7 @

Photo Credit: Jennifer Bullock