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Here are just a few of those reasons: Completing the bsa (boy scouts of america) youth protection training, which can be done on line, usually in about a half hour. So our registrar was pulling her hair out at the number of units who have called her to ask what to do. So we usually don’t collect email addresses at all for youth. Based on recent recharter activity, the following positions are assumed (i am trying to verify through our registrar).


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Adult position code. To take that training: Join 12,003 people who get bryan on scouting in their inbox. Already have an account? sign in here. I believe 120 was activities chair, but i am not sure on the rest. For the full answer, i went to the expert: peter self, program development team leader for the bsa. Today i sent the following e-mail to him in hopes that he would be able to complete the adult leader application process: The only exceptions are for the head of the chartering organization, known as the institutional head (ih), and the chartered organization representative (cor).

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When you complete the training, you will need to print out a certificate of completion. What is bu? it shows up for one individual on our member list.

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