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I would wear the strap-on penis for lovemaking 3 or 4 times a week, and in return, she would strap me in restraints once every 2 weeks so she could tease and masturbate me. I wasn’t just pretending licking her ass, i was actually licking her ass, i couldn’t believe i did that, i totally fucked up, her ass looked so hot, and now my face was buried in her ass hole, licking and worshiping her ass, i was totally fucked what had i done. Princess “now turn around”. It is great for us hardcore belt enthuiasts.


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Altairboy lick her. After i climbed on top of her, julie moaned as i lowered my artificial cock into her hot slit. She loves sex and sometimes like sex with girls. Nonetheless, i bought myself a high quality stainless steel belt. She looked extremely hot, she was smoking a cigaret and had her purse with her (i didn’t think anything of it) and she asked me. Before she unfastened my hand and leg restraints, julie took a few moments to enjoy my panic. A number of doulas and midwives advocate the practice, which may be another factor driving its popularity. Princess “well there is one thing you still need to prove to me, there is one thing all bitches like and that’s getting fucked in there ass hard by a big fat cock.


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As i helped her dress, she asked me if i thought mark would like them. I explained ok ok look i am your bitch , totally now let me out of this thing, she said “oh you are my bitch? ok fine well tomorrow im going to make you prove to me that you are my bitch”. This was going on for some time now she had finished her cigaret and i could see she wasn’t even paying attention to me anymore, she was so into the tv again, so i stopped worshiping her ass, and she didn’t protest, she didn’t react at all.

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