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Always wear pantyhose when


How to wear pantyhose in the summer

Molly: yeah, i mean they say, you know, if you’re wearing long pants, no one can necessarily know. My uniform depicts the airline i work for, so i am uneasy posting any photos. I started wearing skin tone hosiery last year to cover up my own blemishes, as i have developed the skin condition vitiligo. I like the way stockings feel on my legs compared to pantyhose. My legs are toned and trim, and when they are tanned my legs look better without hose than in a pair of pantyhose with a run in them. If i read that correctly, and it was prompted (in a comment) by you, well, thank you very much.


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Always wear pantyhose when. Try to get it exactly right or go for a black shade to match a black dress. I rarely if ever see women in pantyhose here. However, on my 12th birthday mom asked me what i wanted, i told her a pair of pantyhose. Short skirts are a no-go.

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You too, can pull off the sheer black hose look. I don’t think i would want to work there if i had to keep that up.

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