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Any movies with vagina


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The penis has a collective name and the vagina is the equivalent. The film earns its nc-17 rating both for the uncommon length of these scenes, and for how violent, and face-flushingly good, the sex seems. With the movies in mind. Though, we all are constantly endeavouring to undo patriarchy, there are layers we still miss out on.


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Any movies with vagina. Men (and those decent women who support this) must take action now. The curiosity and the contrversy helped garner it a broader audience. You don’t see guys going around specifying the scrotum and the glans and the urethra. Because our movie ‘raters’ are a bunch that are not even supposed to be allowed to rate movies. And unlike most of its forebears, Try reading through the comments again. Or they both receive the same rating.

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These films are cast with a-list movie stars and directed by world-class filmmakers. Since then, however, its reputation has been somewhat redeemed, and it has become something of a time capsule for a certain late ’70s new york downtown subculture.

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