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Beautiful vagina and clitories


Whats the difference between the vagina and the clitoris? - quora

They also part to reveal the clitoris and vagina and often feel moist when aroused. The size really can vary that much, and every size, from the smallest to the largest, is completely normal (unless you’re experiencing pain, in which case, you should see a doctor). Finds that women who had difficulty reaching orgasm also tended to have smaller clitorises, which were also located further from the vagina. Unfortunately, that makes it more challenging to climax and when you do, orgasms are often not as intense.


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The clitoris, is properly stimulated. If a dude’s rolling over as soon as he got his and leaving the woman unsatisfied, that’s just wrong. However, you need to have a word with yourself lady, for putting up with this bullshit for so bloody long.

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