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Big lick band


In music we trust - big lick: the hills are alive

A pop-punk chorus with horns, it rings through your head and makes you sing along. Ready to take charge, the vocals come in and convert everything into some hardcore. It will make you swing, it will make you sing along, and it will let you have fun. This one track stood out amongst the 20 or so on it’s side. You’ll sit there screaming along with the music, “i’m mad, mad, mad at the world! i’m so mad i could kill myself, but i’m much too sane for that.

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Members of band


Big lick band. Blasting corporate music, “i can’t afford music, i can’t afford a life,” they take their stab at $15 cd prices. A flat out amazing song, it’s disappointing not to hear twelve other ones like this, and even though the rest of the album isn’t this powerful, they do come close on a lot of occasions. But diving into some punk rock, which serves as the converter between the hardcore and the ska, they soon jump right back into some more ska, which is when they are at their best. They don’t even waste time on this one, jumping into the ska right from the beginning, they aim to get your attention and do so in less than five seconds.



Even though they mix in a bit too much hardcore during some parts, losing a lot of the dance feel that they are so good at, they are mighty good. Thank you! your transaction was successful.

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