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Bisexual college girls


Being bisexual in college: two collegiettes experiences | her campus

I seek out the wider queer community, and sometimes get side-eyed because a ‘straight’ couple is entering the space. We’ve been together for seven years and so far i’ve been able to restrain myself from cheating, but i guess there’s always next year. But there isn’t a friend or family member in my life, outside my husband, who would identify me as bi. Making up for lost time, i suppose.

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Bisexual college girls. What’s surprising to me is the amount of people who follow up with questions about my experiences with girls, but not guys. This username or email is associated with a facebook account. Enough of my classmates were conservative that i didn’t feel comfortable being out to the whole cohort, but it was important to contribute my personal experiences to a room full of privileged straight people who mostly tried to be accepting but couldn’t understand why they couldn’t ‘love the sinner, hate the sin. Brooke loves working out, writing short stories, reading old books, and spending time with her family and friends in kansas city.


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Lgbtq scholarships are distributed through schools and small organizations. So i feel as though people often know i identify as bisexual, but whether or not they take my identity seriously, well. My now-mother-in-law insisted to my now-husband that he shouldn’t be involved with me because i will inevitably cheat on him, since i can’t be satisfied with a man.

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