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Body orgasm technique

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Multiple orgasms for men - all about tantra

The sun website is regulated by the. On hand to increase your pleasure. When she is aroused this increases in size and volume making it slightly easier to find. First off, when she gives you a blowjob, ask her to slip a finger into your bum and feel free to use lube and a condom if necessary. In a week or so of experimenting i have come to reach previously unimaginable heights of unremitting joyous delight. And when you do spank her, go hard, with multiple quick and hard spanks and then go for a long period without any.

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Multiple orgasms for men

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Body orgasm technique. Encourages you to fantasize and discover sexual pleasures in a safe, fun way. This should allow for more sexual energy to course through your body and this will encourage that fabled full-body orgasm. We can have more pleasure than we thought possible. You need to stay in a rhythm. You will experience waves of ecstatic pleasure, and if your lover is a multi-orgasmic woman, who practices sexual continence as well, you are heading for paradise, because both of you will experience states of prolonged orgasms.


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Overcoming the resistance to her own pleasure

You then need to think about the most satisfying angle or position of penetration whether you are using a dildo or having sex. So why not use one to make her cum more easily. Now is the moment when you have to decide: instead of going on, continuing to the point of non-return, followed inevitably by ejaculation, stop for some moments, until you are in control of your excitation by slowing down your respiratory rhythm and maintaining a calm and attentive attitude.

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