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Cat has a bathroom fetish


Why is my cat so interested in me when i go to the bathroom? - quora

Yes! i thought my cat was the only one that does this. Since i’ve had them i noticed a few times that there was a little blood in their stool sometimes there was a smell, other times no, sometimes there was no blood, other times yes. So i’m not entirely sure what’s going on with her. She she having a period? she will be 4 in august. I did a small study on pica (just 37 cats at all) on my own when doing my exam for feline behaviorist. I have a stray that just showed up at my house he has a red and swollen rectum that he keeps licking and cant seem to control his pooping.

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Cat has a bathroom fetish. Our cat licks the couch, eats our straw that is in our drink, and eats our dental floss right out of our hands as we are flossing our teeth. I have two cats, brother & sister, that i’ve had together since they were 8 weeks old. She seems so uncomfortable. Doesn’t seem to be helping with gas.


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Cat has a plastic fetish – askmehelpdeskcom

The first two days, she was licking her anus frequently, probably 6-10 times per hour. When i came home just now, my mom and i found out he’s bleeding from his anus.

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