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College fuck jakes


Jakes revenge - haze him

Establishing a level of creative independence from collegehumor. The collegehumor series was over. Snail bounces off a rock, cracks its shell all to shit, and lands in the grass. He sees this snail on his porch.


Jake & dinos chapmanI lost my virginity my freshman year of college, and man, was it awkward


Training day (2001) - ethan hawke as jake - imdbJake and amirs decade of perfect timing - viceLogan paul, and the toxic prank culture that created him, explained - vox

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College fuck jakes. This man and all the others, t. That’s what you had. Look in either one of ’em, pay the bill. In fact, a good narcotics agent should have narcotics in his blood. Damn right i trust him. At this point, it sounds like jake and amir have had a perfect career run. Yo, stay the fuck outta my way.


Urban dictionary: jakes

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I remember what it was to have a pretty young bride. You don’t deserve this. And i don’t think people tune into our show for thoughtful sombre advice anyway.

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