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Diagnosis of facial cyst

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Sebaceous cyst: removal, infections, and treatment

The lesion, mainly located on the greater wing of the sphenoid, extends into the zygomatic bone, temporalis fossa, and orbit. The most common complication of eic is rupture and inflammation, which can cause significant pain and discomfort for patients. High-frequency ultrasonography (greater than 20 mhz) can provide high-resolution images of subcutaneous tumors and surrounding structures. They tend to occur on the head or neck, or at sites of previous penetrating trauma. This type of cyst is typically filled with white flakes of keratin, which is also a key element that makes up your skin and nails. Well circumscribed predominantly hypoechoic mass.


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Sebaceous cyst treatment

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Diagnosis of facial cyst. The majority of cysts are benign, but a few may contain malignant cells. [guideline] stevens dl, bisno al, chambers hf, et al. These are occasionally termed “sebaceous cyst”, although technically, this is a different entity. However, large cysts can result in symptoms due to compression of normal tissue and obstruction of ducts.


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Treatment options

Higgins, capt, mc, usn, ret, is a staff physician in the family medicine residency program at the naval hospital jacksonville, fla. There is minimal risk with these therapeutic options.

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