Music is an international language.

      It penetrates closed hearts.  It  moves the immovable.

Music is essential to life and echoes the heartbeats of young and old alike.

     It expresses our intimacy and reveals our worship.

Music enhances, completes, comforts and challenges us.

All music began in Heaven. The sounds of our various cultures reflect His unique celebration and love for diversity. Whether we sing, play an instrument, or creatively communicate sounds, it is our response and our reflection of the Heavenly Father.

In preparing to share the good news worldwide it is essential to employ music. We offer courses on improving your musical skills for the beginner to intermediate student as well as seminars on how to develop your existing music ministry. 

There are frequently opportunities to tour with musical groups – whether contemporary or classical – getting experience on the road in outreach situations. We have training on songwriting, CD production, musical prayer and booking and touring. 

Visit the 'Opportunities' section to find your place in God's plan to use music to build his Church and impact the nations.

School of Music in Missions

Greetings from YWAM Newcastle in Australia!

SOMMWe are so excited to be pioneering the School of Music in Missions here at YWAM Newcastle. I’ve personally had such an amazing and humbling journey of seeing God challenge and shape me in my calling over the past 10+ years. I want to invite you to consider this amazing opportunity to come, be trained, and then catapulted into your calling to reach the unreached, using music as the medium for long term, radical change. Here’s a snapshot of what the school is shaping up to be. 

When: October 28 - March 21 2014

What: School of Music in Missions. 

The heart of this school is to multiply radical, kingdom artists into their callings. As a YWAM school it will have a strong flavor of what that looks like as a full time missionary, but also will have massive implications for those who don’t know for sure if that is their long term place in serving God.  This school is part of a BA in Music with the University of the Nations if you want to get your degree.


We are pursuing involvement in some large music festivals in New Zealand and linking up with some regional and international artists for tours. This could possibly include direct teaching and impartation from long term, seasoned Christian musicians. The recording phase of the school will also most likely be in New Zealand and will happen towards the end of the school once the songs we have written and had time to fully develop. 

Please consider joining us as a student, or if you’ve already done the school, as staff. We are believing for an incredible time together of growing in our creative gifting, but mostly in encountering Jesus and developing a heart for the unreached. Look forward to hearing from you. 

Info for school and to apply go here:

Debut Album:

Download my debut album as a free gift here:


Stevie Lujan

Can a band be in Missions?

As i was sitting in the office in Ywam Perth this afternoon and took a little bit of time to see how my good friends from Della Fern are doing. They are a Band that are working with our Ywam Perth ministry Musicians for Missions (M.F.M). Currently they are touring the West Coast of the U.S speaking in High Schools, Universities on Missions and also playing music gigs at different music venues.

Consisting of 5 members Beau (Lead Singer/Guitar), Grace (Lead Singer), Luke (Bassist), Joel (Lead Guitar) and Dean (Drums), They are all passionate musicians that have come through our Music DTS program over the years and have used that passion for music to reach out with a message with funky cool sound and infectious catchy melodies. 

On the recent release of their EP Album I want to encourage you to have a listen to it and also download it for free. 

Go to and also like them on Facebook under Della Fern. 

These guys are sold out believers that are full time missionaries that have really chosen to put God in their life and with his anointing they are able reach out people not only with Good music but more importantly through the way they live their lives. I hope this encourages you that God is a God has placed passions with in us and its when we give the glory to him that we are able to steward our gifts submitted to God.