Photography builds relationship.  On outreach trips our camera can be a bridge rather than a barrier to making friends with utter strangers.  Even without language skills photographers are communicating that we care about people and are interested in them.  Photography is a non-verbal conduit for His joy, love and acceptance.  Digital cameras with their LCD screens draw crowds of curious on lookers many wanting to be next.

At the same time photography raises awareness of issues in our world where we need to pay attention. It is a record of history and a record of what we want our world to look like.  Photographers have a special assignment to communicate God’s sense of justice. 

Besides all that – photography captures the beauty of creation  -  light reflecting, creating color and shadows.  What better way to describe God to our unbelieving friends?   

UofN has many opportunities to use photograph as well as schools and seminars to teach you to improve your camera skills and your creative eye.  Check it out. 

The incredible images that appear on this page have been provided by Jan Schlegel. To find out more about his ministry click here.

Stories are Powerful

I’ve sat through many different missions presentations lately. I should be able to tell you how many people in the world haven’t heard the name of Jesus, what the top missionary sending nations are, and the estimated size of the underground church in China.  But to be honest, these numbers escape me. However, I can remember the stories of a Buddhist monk in Thailand meeting Jesus as the Bible was shared with him, of a migrant’s dream to return to his home nation and start a charity focused on mother and child healthcare, and of a missionary’s miraculous escape from a death sentence in Albania in the 1970‘s.


School of Fashion and Design in Missions

Do you have a passion for fashion? Are you always modifying and designing your own clothes? Do you believe that the fashion industry can be transformed? Then this is the school for you! This brand-new school in YWAM, the School of Fashion and Design in Missions, aims to mold and equip each student to be able to disciple and influence with values and principles through fashion and through design, in this area, in society and in the nations. You will learn the tricks of the trade in classes like Sewing, Pattern-Making, Drawing, as well as receive teachings in Trend Analysis, Culture Analysis, History of Fashion, Fashion and Design, Fashion in Missions, Identity, Exclusive vs. Original, Developing Creativity, Stage Wardrobe, and so much more!