Knowing God and making him known is a very broad mandate  for any mission, church, or organization. There are few activities that reach all cultures, colors, race, language, religion, age and gender. One of those activities also only has one language.. the language of sports.

There is nothing like athletics to bring together a community, a country, and the world. Not only does it bring these things together, but physical exercise also completes us as individuals body, mind (soul) and spirit. It is only when these three are functioning as God planned that we can reach our ultimate potential to accomplish His plan through us.

YWAM, along with the body of Christ, for the past 50 years has been striving to fulfill the great commission through many, many activities, but only recently has sports come to the forefront of those activities. Combining sports and physical fitness as tools to  reach our world. Come join us as we join with others empowering one another personally and collectively to reach our true potential and destiny in Christ.

Dean's Corner July 2016 - Rio Olympics

Dear Artists and Athletes

I’m sure you are all well aware that the Rio Olympics are coming up in a matter of weeks and the excitement is starting to develop.  As always there is the negative side of things you’ll hear about them no being ready, disease spreading, violence and danger on every side but this is one opportunity every 4 years for nations to come together celebrate across language, cultures and creeds.  I believe this gives joy to God’s heart because He loves celebrations and for us to come together in unity.  This is the opposite to the enemy who wants to steal, destroy, divide and conquer. It is the chance to run the good race to the end and giving it your best.   It matters not if you win or loose but how you play the game.  With this in mind please note the message of this young Argentinian boy and enjoy the Games.



Video in English

Don’t Go Messi! 

It was a devastating moment for Argentina when Lionel Messi missed a penalty and Chile won the Copa America 2016 final. And it got even worse with Messi’s announcement that he will quit playing on the Argentinian national team. 

6-year-old Piero from Youth With A Mission’s (YWAM) football club in Buenos Aires, Argentina sent a video message to Messi pleading with him to stay on the national team. Piero is helping to put it all in right perspective, “I wanted to say that even if you missed that penalty, you are the best in the world … You missed the penalty and the Chileans scored their’s…so what? Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose in football! What is important is to enjoy yourself.”

This video has become an international hit as it has been shown by Fox Sports, CNN, ESPN and other channels. Ivan Salazar from YWAM Buenos Aires shares that people from other countries, United Kingdom, Italy and Mexico, are calling them and want to talk to Piero.
Piero started to play football when he was 4 years old. His family was not into football, but when Piero started to play and love the game, they also started to watch football matches more frequently. What Piero said to Messi was very spontaneous and from his heart, but at the same time something he has learned in his football class.

Piero is part of the Alumine FC football team. This soccer academy is open to every child. They learn how to play the game and, at the same time, they are discipled. “We teach about the father heart of God,” says coach Ivan Salazar, “and like mentors, fathers and coaches, we try to teach them how to deal with different situations in life. And of course football skills.”

Ivan concludes: “Now all of Argentina is talking about what we teach in our football club! God is moving a lot here. It is amazing!”

YWAM Boyz team representing their nation

In 2006 YWAM Belize Banana Bank Campus pioneered a football ministry with a focus on using sports as a tool to equip young men with a holistic approach: empowering them to fulfill their God given dreams. It took off and became one of the most successful ministries we run to date. We focus on young men ages 6+ and by the efforts of Santiago Valencia and John George, a team began to materialize as boys from the Roaring Creek area began to come, one after the other. Roaring Creek is a dangerous community, and the base is safe and secure place during after school hours. A soccer team was built. It is a delight for all to see the skill of this group of boys on the field, whose ability, through the great coaching of ‘Santi’ and John would bring them to an undefeated season!