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Do women like to spank men


Did men really spanked women in the early 1900s? : mgtow

Our journalists strive for accuracy but on occasion we make mistakes. As with every girl i met, i’d dropped hints, used the word “spanking” to get a reaction. Of course, we have no idea how many people slap the pussy. Maybe there really are women who hate being desired, their voices are loud, and they claim the moral high ground. Forthright disagreement is fine as long as it is civil. I doubt men had the energy back then, what with working 14 – 16 hour days.


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Do women like to spank men. Whips are effective too. So, as i bent over the bed, i was still standing. Do not box anyone’s ears for any fault. You don’t really want to hurt me, do you?”. In fact i have read numerous accounts from dominant women who regularly spank their submissive male partners in which all agreed, when done correctly, it is not at all a pleasant experience for the man and is very effective in eliminating the offending behaviors that precipitated the spankings. A husband must never get angry with his wife; a wife must live with her husband in love and purity of heart.

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Taking the glasses, her son needed them, getting him in trouble, lying, and trying to get money. The latter seems like a result of someone very female with huge empathy gap in their brain looking at history and projecting her insecurities onto the observations. It is, however, perfectly normal and acceptable if both parties consent.

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