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I don’t respect those people for that either. I hope he and his family get everything sorted and the doc makes a triumphant return. I don’t think he had anyone to talk him off the ledge and take the time to look at it from a business perspective. The bottom, just above ob/gyns and anesthesiologists. Mocks and ridicules anyone that disagrees with his morals.


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Doctor fuck cheats. There is literally a witch hunt against the doc. Nor did we use the same. So as a whole i do hope doc can pull together his act and fix this. Yeah but he cheated on his wife he didnt have to tell us he could of said some shit answer to leave, he didnt kill some one, i think sponsors will help him out still, we dont even know what went down, how he was unfaithful to her. I can’t wait for him to come back stronger and better than ever.

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There have been many times in my life that i have been tempted by younger women but never once did i take that gamble especially knowing that if even i was or was not caught that the guilt would be so unbearable just the though of it is making my heart race. Im glad you found my comment sensible lol. As a family man myself it would destroy me knowing i was my family’s demise.

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