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Erotic stories amazons

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Amazon best sellers: best erotica

I didn’t really understand how bad it was because when i first started looking into self-publishing i initially went to amazon because amazon was a name that i knew. Most erotica authors stay within the genre, so sharazade was surprised cruz had ventured into horror. They’re forcing us, if we remain on their system, to pad our erotica with trash pages because we cannot afford to not do that on the pay scale that they have given us. Self-publishing has become the latest vehicle for spammers and content.


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Erotic stories amazons. Possible to create an ebook in minutes. As recently as early january, robin scott had 31 books in the kindle store, and a down-and-dirty textual analysis revealed that each one was plagiarized. I have children and an amazing husband. Honestly, i wish i would have found smashwords far before i ever found kindle unlimited. When it receives complaints of plagiarism. And buy backlist books.

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People read erotica for a variety of reasons, but most people read erotica because they want to feel excited. Of course, my husband knows. And so they don’t want to read 200 pages about the colour of a bed or the setting of a bedroom.

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