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Erotic stories by ray gordon

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Ray gordon sample stories manual

Charging a fortune for a consultation, and even more for a thorough examination, his life is nothing less than heaven. When struggling mandy bumps into paula, an old friend from school, she envies paula’s glamorous lifestyle – the luxury, the travel and the affluent boyfriends she has in tow. When she is caught in the act, her punishment is severe but mary refuses to be broken and it’s only a matter of time before the tables are well and truly turned. Packed with voyeuristic thrills from start to finish, ray gordon explores both sides of the obsession of taking an upskirt peek. Wendy is certainly not the same woman that she was before her operation.

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Erotic stories by ray gordon. Now she is back in the small town where she grew up, opening new offices for the firm she works for. Every man’s fantasy: a drug to make women horny. This time, the world of espionage gets the treatment. Lorraine is a stunner, and also happens to be as sex crazed as robin. With her body as the trap, and her desire the weapon, rachael michaels is going to bring each and every one of them to their knees, in more ways than one.



Ninety percent of his patients are young women, all of which have been given the same diagnosis. Before long behaving wickedly becomes an obsession and anne relishes the rewards her promiscuous behaviour brings her. Seething with envy, anne decides to take revenge the only way she knows how – by using her young body and sexual charms to destroy haley’s relationship.

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