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Facial treatment for black skin

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Skin pigmentation - how to get rid of pigmentation on dark skin

This is an especially good treatment to try after excessive sun exposure, as uv rays stimulate the production of dark spots. Made with 100% natural ingredients, isla apocathery’s radiate and refine mask is powered by anti-inflammatory agents, including beauty superfood, turmeric – that is infamous for fading discolouration with regular use. The facial’s use of salicylic acid “delivers anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties to heal and reduce inflammation from breakouts and balance excess oil production,” says ann balaguera, elizabeth arden’s national director of esthetics. And there’s one other benefit: anti-aging effects. For optimal results, a series of six to eight treatments is recommended. Now, this may sound complex, but it’s actually a fairly simple concept that can make shopping for products to combat pigmentation a breeze, once digested.


Can pigmentation be treated with vitamin injections?


Facial treatment for black skin. To close, the esthetician treats skin with either coolbeam or ultrasonic therapies. That’s why wearing a strong spf (sun protection factor) daily – to protect the skin from harmful uva and uvb rays – is paramount for fighting pigmentation. ‘the female hormones oestrogen and progesterone are at play here and sometimes can overstimulate melanin – especially when sat unprotected in the sun and during pregnancy – resulting in pigmentation problems known as melisma or choalsma’, says founder of the black skin directory, dija ayodele. Get your daily beauty fix right in your inbox. (60 mins, $85 for members, $115 for non-members), a light paddle is used to deliver a low-frequency ultrasonic vibration that lifts dirt from the face and loosens dead skin cells. ‘usually by looking at the primary skin condition and controlling factors within that, it is easier to tackle pih’, says ayodele.

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Common causes of pigmentation on dark skin

The combination of salicylic and mandelic acids is safer to use for deeper skin tones because they provide the exfoliation of other ahas without the irritation. You’ll start with an exfoliating mask to revive dull, dehydrated skin, followed by extractions to unclog pores and detoxification. The machine flushes the skin with water to remove dirt from pores, and steam might be added for more intense results.

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