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Feels like papercuts near anus

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Vaginal and anal tearing/fissures - womens health - medhelp

It is very sore, but once removed it imediatley feels better. Now i’m sore and is passing blood through my stool. They just get inflamed, swollen or irritated some are stretched out worse then others. I know i had an anal fissure. I’d spray some witch hazel on when you use the restroom, gently dab it dry, and pat some neosporin on.


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Feels like papercuts near anus. Each time pain lasts like less than or a little over a minute. Then progressed to 2, 3, now 4 pills a week meticulously scheduled started saturday 7/10/10 every 42 hours and it is starting to help me with my own symptoms. But i’ve checked and there’s not just a small painfully area. It would hurt enough to wake me up then slowly increase till i threw off the blankets and walk like a injured penguin to the bathroom. Butter milk, yoghurt is good, eat a banana every day, spinach is good. Firstly, you must drink 8 large glasses of water (no one’s mentioned that here, it softens the stools and is less “dramatic” in effect than laxatives), best method buy 8 large glasses, fill them up, line them up, knock them off one every hour.

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I have a anal fissure since a bad birth delivery of my child. I had anal sex with my bf.

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