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Female anus inspection


Chapter 36: the rectum and anal canal

This score takes into account the longitudinal and radial grade of eas and ias defects, separately. Anal tone at digital rectal examination was compared to resting and incremental pressures. In this case, the anus and part of the rectum are removed and stool is diverted to a bag attached to the body (this procedure is called a colostomy). Posteriorly, waldeyer’s fascia covers the presacral space. Hemorrhoidectomy should not be performed in the presence of local perianal inflammation or dermatitis.


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Female anus inspection. 36 mmhg; sd 33. Both examiners were blind to each other’s results. Patients were placed in the left lateral decubitus with no previous rectal enema and underwent dre immediately before 3d eaus. The patient started chemoradiation with no evidence of residual or recurrent disease after 24 months of follow-up.


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The anorectal ring is a muscular structure at the junction of the anal canal and the rectum. Partner notification is not required as a public health measure, unlike with a diagnosis of chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis or hiv. A more extensive unroofing of the lesions with marsupialization to allow granulation may be adequate for smaller lesions.

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