The College of Arts and Sports have created a really great opportunity to advertise on the new College of Arts & Sports website and it's associated network sites.

You can advertise on this site and an associted network site for only $20 USD a month.

On this website, your ad will be placed under the relevant discipline specific to your opportunity and will be shown continually for a one month period. The ad will appear wherever you see the "YOUR AD HERE" banner (or the currently running ads) within the specific discipline of your choice.

Discipline choices are:
Music, Worship, Dance, Performing Arts, Event Management, Fine Arts, Photography, Film & Media and Sports.

So for $20 USD you will receive two ad placements, one on and the other on the associated network relevant to your discipline.

For example, if you wanted to advertise a Music DTS or a School of Music in Missions, your ad would be placed under the Music Discipline section on and also on the YWAM Music Network at

The available networks are:
Music, Worship, Dance, Film, Performing Arts, Fine Arts, Photography, Events & Sports.

On the networks, the ads are shown on every page across the entire site. These networks are still growing but most of them rank amongst the top lisitings in Google - so a really great opportunity to increase your exposure.

If you want to place your ad (or additional ads) under a number of different disciplines and on a number of different networks. The pricing structure is as follows:

1 Network and Discipline Section (on = $20 per month
2 Networks and Discipline Sections (on = $35 per month
3 Networks and Discipline Sections (on = $45 per month
4 Networks and Discipline Sections (on = $50 per month
5 Networks and Discipline Sections (on = $55 per month
6 Networks and Discipline Sections (on = $60 per month

Most importantly, money received for this advertising will cover the associated running costs of both and all of it's associated networks.

All payments are processed by PayPal - a safe, secure online way to make payments from a bank account or with a credit card.

If you would like to advertise, please email with your banner ad, your choice of section/s & network/s and the month/s you would like to advertise.

The banner ad needs to be 165 pixels wide and 196 pixels high and 72 dpi.

A JPG, TIFF or GIF image will be fine.

Thank-you for considering the support of the College of Arts & Sports.

If you have any further questions about the advertising, please fill out the form below.

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