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Fumigation of vagina

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Or they may have been used because puppy meat was thought to be particularly wet, and the womb tended to travel in search of moisture, while sweet smells were warming. A further option was garlic. Would collect excess blood and it needed to come out every month unless you were pregnant. Puppies may have symbolised fertility, because they were born in litters, while the sweet smells were there to attract the womb back. Republish our articles for free, online or in print, under creative commons licence. Another option was a dead puppy, stuffed with sweet-smelling substances. Provides funding as a founding partner of the conversation uk.


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Fumigation of vagina. A hippocratic work called nature of woman recommends: Garlic also featured in a fertility test in which it was placed in the mouth or vagina, and then the physician checked if the smell went all the way through the body.


The role of mugwort

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