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Gainer chubby chaser


Chasabl - a site for chubs and chasers, chubby bears, cubs and more! social network and dating/personals

In terms of physicality, encouragers come in all shapes and sizes, as many larger gainers identify as encouragers as well. Boring or tedious is what gainers and encouragers find sexually arousing. 2016 was also the end of an era. Small groups of gainers still met informally, but the larger community was in a state of flux. But for gainers and encouragers, it’s much more about the plane trip over. There is indeed “someone for everyone” out there somewhere.


Biggercity: the web community for gay chubby men, bears and chasers!


What’s an admirer?

Gainer chubby chaser. You would probably think about lying by the. But the gay chubby/chaser community also has more than its share of phonies and “players” who just want to use someone for sexual gratification and frankly don’t give a shit about them as a person. Though both chasers and encouragers have a “fat is good” outlook, they also differ in the sexual habits column: chasers typically have “normative” sexual desires, while encouragers find sexual gratification in helping a guy grow bigger or worshipping him for his size. To be focused on traditional gay sex. Really r40, it is funny how “chub” became the gay code word for “at least 150 lbs overweight.

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All i know is i have a beautiful hunk persuing me. I’m definitely a chubby, and my boyfriend (of 5+ years) has long been attracted to heavy guys. In 1988, john launched a new newsletter, called xl, however he was forced to end it after only a year of publication due to his failing health.

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