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Girl masturbates in tanning bed


Do people tan naked and masturbate in a tanning salon? | yahoo answers

Not if you don’t do it too long or too intensely. I’ve been tanning for years. I have to admit its pretty intense knowing the girls who work there are touching something covered in something so intimate from me. Grosses me out man. I have often masterbated in a tanning bed or stand up booth. Well, judging by the answers so far, i’m thinking a lot of people aren’t being honest, if they are then i’m sure my answer is going to freak some people out. I mean, i am all about sex and masturbation, etc.


Do you ever masturbate in the tanning beds at your tanning salon? - girlsaskguysOpen letter from your tanning salon owner | confessions of the professions

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Girl masturbates in tanning bed. The girls at the desk are always pretty as are many of the clients and there’s definitely something hot about getting legitimately naked in a building full of woman. I can’t lie, it’s extremely exciting. I feel sexy when i tan and it turns me on that there are people all around me and no one knows what i am doing. Like maxie212 said, that’s the point of it. You cannot undo this action. But, if i knew someone before me had just masturbated in the bed i was in.

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I’ve never, not even once, have done that. Well i’m obviously not tanning now. I just go to the beach.

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