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Hot nurse washed my dick


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Maybe nurse bennett will know. Her fingers slowly wrapped themselves around my throbbing hard shaft and held it in a firm grip. Jana was kind enough to answer every question i ever wanted to ask someone who works with humans in their most dire moments. I was floating the entire night, not feeling one bit of pain from my knee. All i know is it changed my life forever. I tried to sit up to get a better view of miss henderson’s beautiful tight ass. Plus you would get some prostate stimulation in the way in.

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Hot nurse washed my dick. The hospital didn’t seem to be the right place to do anything about it by myself, so i tried to just ignore my hardening cock. Oh sweet jesus” she whispered hoarsely, “that is a fucking nice cock you have there”. I thought miss henderson seemed very interested in the process as she drew quite close and her breathing seemed a little rapid. Her voice trailed off and she licked her lips wetly, her mouth slightly open, anticipating what she was about to do with that stiff and throbbing shaft, sticky and wet with her pussy juice. She smiled and said “heyy sweety it’s time for your bath now” i replied “okay” with a grin on my face.

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She checked my blood pressure and my temperature. With that nurse bennett stepped around the curtain and walked out of the room with the others, whoever they were. Of course it happens.

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