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Israeli airstrike gaza strip


Israeli airstrike kills hamas member in gaza | cbc news

A militia allied with hamas said it has launched rockets and mortars into israel in response, and israeli news media said there the area close to strip was on high alert. The teenager was the third reported fatality from the clashes, with the gaza health ministry saying a 43-year-old man and 12-year-old boy were also shot dead friday along the border. Later, witnesses reported that israeli warplanes dropped four bombs on an unfinished building near a hamas police and security compound in gaza city, reducing the old structure to rubble. After it said a soldier had been shot and killed by palestinian militants.


2 killed in gaza blast during attempted launch of projectile toward israel | the times of israelIsrael launches airstrikes in widest assault on gaza in years

3 august 2018

Several killed as israeli air strikes hit targets throughout gaza - france 24Israel carries out largest daytime air strike in gaza in yearsIsraeli airstrikes hit gaza after hamas launches rocket attacks : npr


Israeli airstrike gaza strip. A fourth man named as mohammed badwan was later shot dead by israeli forces during protests along the border, gaza’s health ministry said. Israel says it will halt the attacks from inside gaza, even if that risks a wider conflict. He said israel has offered only an easing, but not an end, to the blockade. Israeli officials did not immediately comment on the announcement but an army spokeswoman said that in the early hours of saturday, there was no known military activity in the gaza strip. The demonstrations have been fueled in large part by pervasive despair caused by the blockade, which has caused widespread economic hardship. It said paramedics in the southern city of sderot were treating a 52-year-old man with a chest wound, a 17-year-old girl with a face wound and a 20-year-old woman with injuries to her limbs.

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Israeli air strikes on gaza and palestinian rocket attacks - telegraphGaza conflict: israeli military carries out dozens of airstrikes after soldier killed by palestinian militants | the independent

5 august 2018

Israel said it was focused on hitting military targets and was warning gaza civilians to keep their distance from certain sites. It said a tunnel was dug under the building. He said the escalation was the result of the sustained hamas rocket attacks, its fomenting of violence along the border and its campaign of launching incendiary kites and balloons that have devastated israeli farmlands and nature reserves.

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