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But far more importantly, corporations come, and stay here because of their cost savings due to our universal healthcare. Go ndp go! communist better then fashist conservative. So get out and vote vote, vote for democracy on the 2nd may. I remember when harper was going to change how this great country of ours should behave.

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Jack layton big ass clip. The cables released to several media outlets cover a six-year period that ended in early 2010. The biggest low blow is the one our economy is going to take if the economically illiterate of this country continue on this self-destructive path of voting ndp. I hope this backfires on the cons big time. Sure i could put on strips of tinfoil on my hat and suggest the conspiracy for the timing of the release of this story is obvious. Canada is an open police state. If oil continues its upward trajectory in the short term (pick a number: 120, 130?), look for 1.

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Canadians know that a coalition govt led by anyone but harper will be an enormous improvement over the gutless crap we have been putting up with over the past few years. Wowsers, what a thread of raving lunatics. Freedom & liberty is what ushered in the age of prosperity & innovation and gave us the economic foundation to lift everyone into a better society (including the social safety net).

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