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Japanese girl shaved head


Japanese pop star wins the right to have a boyfriend in landmark court ruling | sbs popasia

The production company behind akb48 said minegishi, 20, had failed to abide by its cardinal rule – no dating. If you look bald from the front, you should probably shave the whole thing. I’d just rather be known as “the clean shaven dude in his 20s” than “guy going bald 10 years too early”. She once again apologized for the trouble she caused and said she would try her best in her new role as a trainee.


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Akb48 pop star shaves head after breaking band rules - bbc newsJapan akb48 pop idol minami minegishi shaves head in penance for spending night with manMinami minegishi, japanese pop star, shaves head as penance for dating (video) | huffpost

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Japanese girl shaved head. Her phenomenally successful band akb48 consists of about 90 girls from their mid-teens to early 20s, who are strongly marketed on their sex appeal. Minegishi is among the original members of the band, which since it formed in 2005 has built up a huge following among teenage girls and salarymen who flock to concerts and publicity events for the chance to shake hands with their idols. Thousands in japan watched the just-buzzed minami deliver her tearful apology, and on twitter the video promptly took up five trending-topic spaces. Her transgression: being caught leaving a young man’s apartment several days earlier. You may have taken a wrong turn, jcj is over that way. Is a “traditional form of showing contrition in japan. I leave further decisions to mr akimoto [producer] and staff members.

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I don’t believe just doing this means i can be forgiven for what i did, but the first thing i thought was that i don’t want to quit akb48. Not rich currently, but i hope to be. Has no correlation to the negative english connotations, so i’m puzzled why you even bring it up here.

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