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Larry flynt hustler club shreveport


Larry flynts hustler club - strip club in shreveport

In the words of my lyft driver back to my hotel: “once was enough. Save time and go to the penthouse!! you will not regret it. Despite the quality of the building and decor and beauty of the models, this club was an absolutely horrible experience. I highly recommend you don’t waste your time with this place. The real vip rooms cost $400 and all you get is a private pole and bottle of champagne, according to a dancer i talked to.

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Larry flynt hustler club shreveport. New orleans rocks hard 24/7, with mardi gras, jazz fest, new years celebrations and the like. We visited on thursday night and were amazed by the 2-for-1 drink specials, unheard of for a strip club. We used to frequent the yellow rose in austin years ago and hadnt been to a strip club since! we paid for vip and the drinks were strong, as promised. I saw quite a bit of ladies taking pictures with the guys but i got reprimanded for taking a snapchat selfie no where near any of the guys (off in a corner and facing away from people). So we had to go! we were drawn to it like that scene from beetlejuice.

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Besides being one of the poshest, topless men’s clubs in all of louisiana, it is also the most relaxing addition to the worldwide chain. One of the dancers informed me that the air conditioning unit broke this very day due to the high outside temperatures, so they only had some fans running to keep the upstairs area and private dance areas cool. Other than that, you really had to drink your share to stay cool.

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