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Man peeing in womans mouth


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I engage in self golden showers at least a few times per month. Being sexually aroused by urine either when someone urinates on your or you drink it. Try it in the shower. The change of temperature in urine is a big physical turn-on. It progressed from there.

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Golden showers are a real thing - people who want to be peed onHave you or anyone you know peed in a girls mouth? | ign boards

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Man peeing in womans mouth. It can really bring you closer in a relationship. This dilutes the urine to mostly water, making it taste a lot better. Something you enjoy and freely choose to do is perfectly normal. I am a bit of a people pleaser. Its probably rather abnormal but nonetheless you both enjoy it, you aren’t hurting yourself or anyone else. I have only ever done it with myself, but i would be willing to try it with serious partners or in casual relationships.

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Com spoke with one anonymous woman and two anonymous men who are turned on by peeing and being peed upon. Is it normal? we call normal something that falls into average so this is absolutely not normal.

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