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The strangest at-bat in history - neatorama

Gaedel was given a $15,400 major league baseball contract and instructed not to swing. The original idea of a little person batting in a baseball game had been used in a 1941 short story (no pun intended) by james thurber called “you could look it up” (veeck always denied the story was his inspiration). By 1951, eddie was working as a bartender at “the midget club,” a bar in chicago that employed only little people. Tens of thousands of games have been played in the history of major league baseball. He also maintained a relationship with veeck. Neatorama is the neat side of the web.



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Midget professional baseball player. Eddie was paid $100 for his brief but unforgettable at-bat, but he made $17,000 on tv appearances resulting from it. His autograph now sells for more than babe ruth’s. This website uses cookies to improve user experience. Veeck was known for thinking up wild publicity stunts to help draw crowds in to come and watch the pathetic, perennial cellar-dwelling browns.


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) on june 8, 1961, he was found dead in his room by a family member. In the bottom of the first inning of game two, the surprised crowd looked on as st.

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