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Multiple squrting orgasms

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The 8 biggest misconceptions about female orgasms

I refuse to be with a girl who doesnt like it. I tried this on the wife last night worked a treat, she was gushing within a few minutes. Ou can also prove it by tasting, it will be sweet having good smell. Some luquid did come out but it just trickled from me as if i was peeing an felt like i was peeeing an did not feel an orgasmic experience please help i really want too feel this after being married for 20 years an my husband making me feel bad if i got too wet any tips i will be so grateful as my new life has started aswell as finding out im normal too sexually yyyyeeeehhhhh thankyou xx. The sensation is what makes me want to do it more and more. Generally for most couples who experience the phenomenon, it will be accidental, and when it happens some people get startled, becoming super self conscious about it.


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Multiple squrting orgasms. Try rubbing her back and just being open with her. Kick the selfish ass to the curb! yes, you can do this yourself but its easier when you have a helper as it is easier to relax and let it go. Hello, i am a relatively new squirter with many questions. The woman will stumble on her words, asking you what is happening to her between gasps of pleasure. Because these tension spots stop the sexual energy flowing around the body, it makes it much harder to have an orgasm.

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Yes, there are women who may think they are squirting when actually they are peeing — coming from the urethra (under the hood of the clitoris). Comes from the inside of the vagina from either the g-spot or the deep spot. I am still in awe that i could ever feel that way or that i was even capable of this.

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