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Pantyhose wife girl

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Why does my wife sleep in a t-shirt and a pair of pantyhose nothing else? - quora

I have been looking for a friend that i can express this with but to date have not found one. Then i switch to a more confortable support pantyhose that support both legs. Today’s society here in the states seems to be one of a lost culture of women who would rather look like something we used to call “trailer trash” than the more classic look of femaninity. She has me dress up then she dose my make up and fixes my wig for me. I am trying to understand that feeling and remove it. I have been cross dressing all my life and i am retired now so i have lots of time to get dressed as kim.


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Pantyhose wife girl. He has started taking real good care of me doing everything. My sex life is great most woman take me back to there place and we dress in her things and get it on. Living in europe for a number of years i found that women over there enjoy men who appreciate them and the fact they enjoy wearing pantyhose. The free pantyhose porn is a unique place where you can find the cute sluts in leggings doing some really impressive stuff with the huge dildos and hard members. Shy blonde chick in nice dress walks under the sun.


Myself i have found real love in my new husband or girl friend what ever you call her. Now i wear legg`s mostly and tell her they work also. My husband is my property and i am gonna do with him whatever i want.

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