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Popularity of nudist travel

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Nudity in germany: the naked truth is revealed | cnn travel

Revealed it’s on the list of the most popular places in the world to nakation, as revealed by traveller hotel bookings. The retreat, set among 25 hectares of native bush, was established in 1949 for all australians wanting to enjoy a lifestyle unrestricted by clothes. The four-star hotel offers luxury nakationing, with the resort receiving a 6/10 rating on trivago’s raunchy scale. Guests at the resort can pick from having a videographer filming their frolics, enjoy ‘food play’ or spend time in the playroom – complete with a love bed, swing and sensual kit – with other guests. A fitting name given the nature of the resort, hedonism ii is one of the most popular places in the world to take a nakation, according to trivago. Clearly, mexico is the place you want to go if you’re after a slightly more saucy holiday.


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Popularity of nudist travel. Section, lest you behave like a 12-year old boy and embarrass us all. It’s been in operation since 1949. With 280 luxury suites on offer, the facility also includes an outdoor swimming pool, private nude beach and nightly adult-themed entertainment. Indulge your romantic side until your heart’s content and lavish your love with rose petals, champagne on ice, and a steamy in-room massage. The resort isn’t strictly naturist, with it allowing guests to wear clothing if they so wish.

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Once parked, just walk down the beach for about 20 minutes until you come to the secluded area. 16h ago | 3. Perfect destinations include the eastern and western sides of clonakilty bay, dunowen with its rocky cliffs, dunny cove and sands cove while glandore includes the famous rocky prison cove that is a long-accepted haven for naturists.

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