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Saddam swinging video

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Saddam hanging: iraqi government investigating source of execution video - spiegel online

A man from mosul, a mixed city in the north, told reuters: “the persians have killed him. And reveals saddam’s head and neck. Hiwa osman, an adviser to the iraqi president, jalal talabani, told the bbc: “this whole execution is about justice. The blast monday wounded three others.


Unofficial video of saddam hangingNew video of saddams corpse on internet

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Saddam swinging video. One of the people observing the execution chants “moqtada, moqtada, moqtada”. The leaked video differs from the official video released hours after the execution. Article 290 of the criminal code of 1971 (which was largely used in the saddam trial) states that no verdict should be implemented during the official holidays or religious festivals,” he said. I beg you, no!”. But camera phone video, posted in full or in part on several web sites, picked up where the tv coverage left off. His left check is marked with red blotches and blood is visible on the shroud where it covered his head.

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Another voice says, “one minute, just one minute. Registered office: 1 london bridge street, se1 9gf.

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