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Has the pub still got those lovely victorian patterned glass windows? My impression of the city is that czechs are intentionally rude to foreigners. By whom? well, all the “great and the good” of the town were there, the mayor, the businessmen etc, and they all were hungry to be educated about the glories of socialism. I had my appendix taken out in a czech hospital, the scar is horrendous. Recent posts show that we brits have only just finshed paying off our debts for wwii which we fought in an attempt to build a better europe. I’m shocked, offended and unfortunately not surprised.


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Slum boobs ludmila. Went to the pub this evening for a quick one. What exactly is a good example of “pseudo-intellectualism”? i ask because i feel like it’s just one of those words that insults without saying anything. I’ve seen some antagonism towards americans (generally too loud and expectation for everything to be the same as back home – go home then!), and us brits too (but only the stag-do idiots – sad that they outnumber the rest of us), but mostly the russians, ukranians and lithuanians that run the tourist shops and various other mafia enterprises. Here in vsetin if anybody runs into someone they know, even an aquaintance, they sit and chatter for minutes(that seem like hours). Many civilizations got along without writing.


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But yeah, i haven’t seen czech-flag underwear or toilet paper yet. I’ll go further and say i think the famed ‘service industry’ of uk and us is overrated by people on this site.

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