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Smacna roof pipe penetration flashing


Penetrations through standing seam metal roofs

Smacna does not endorse or approve proprietary constructions and does not validate their analysis or tests as being equivalent to smacna classifications. Small cuts, tears, or abrasions may be repaired with fire retardant adhesive. Figures 2-6 and 2-15 and pages 3-13 to 3-20. In either case, the drain line must be provided with a water seal at least 2 inches (51 mm) greater than the maximum static pressure in the casing. 7 mm emt is adequate. 0 mm or less, flexible leaded vinyl sheets can be used for easy forming to complex shapes and contours.

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Common flashing details | building science | consultingRoofing details

Paraflex liquid membrane – rigid insulation

Smacna 1793Duct penetration through ribbed metal deck roof? - local exhaust ventilation - eng-tipsPenetration details  | sika sarnafil


Smacna roof pipe penetration flashing. Complete and definitive testing in these three problem areas was not practical under the financial and time limitations of this program. Compliance with figures in section 2 that are not specifically referenced in the s specification text is presumed when not preempted by specifications external to this document. 75 m rs up to 1168 mm length. 75 mm) straps, or other appropriate ties should be specified for hold-down. The top of drain tile should be below the bottom of the duct.

Roofing – multi-ply sbs-modified bitumen – paradiene 20/30 – rigid insulation

The type of pin that is applied before duct liner installation takes a spring-clip or washer. In order to prevent the forces on the casing walls from shearing off the curb, the curb should be securely doweled to the floor. Can you please e-mail me a picture on installing a curb on a 5/12 pitch or any roof with a slope.

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