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Storis of mommies who spank


A story about spanking - steady mom

I carefully selected my clothes for the evening, wanting to look my very best without being obvious about it. Yes, i guess so. Alice stood up in front of her son. I know mom, but i couldn’t help it mom. , the unconcerned fourteen-year-old replied.

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Storis of mommies who spank. Mommy held brian tightly as he cried out as the paddle. She had always spanked him on the bare bottom because she believed this worked a lot better. Perfect angels for weeks after a spanking. The sting of the first stroke was. Another twenty cane strokes. Ughh i don’t wanna hear another when i was your age speech mom they’re old because you’re old” rylee said. Him, bracing his hands against the head board.


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She gazed at me for a long moment. She leaned forward, her heavy breasts laying on my chest as her hard nipples dug into it.

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