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Swinging bridge designs

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How did you anticipate the exact parabola of the suspended cable so as to precut the stringers to their proper lengths? The magic of the system is the reversed keyhole arrangements between the two components. But not trusting everything i read, i decided to place 2 of them together, one right next to the other; besides they are cheap. How were the stringers attached at their.


Step 6: span the cables and stringers


Swinging bridge designs. Great bridge looks fantastic. This is so cool!!! i posted a suspension bridge made out out of popsicle sticks but making a real one. Youtube doesn’t let us edit videos. Did you nail the collars to the 4x4s to prevent side slippage? The book is easily found on amazon.

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Introduction: building a small cable suspension bridge – the basics plus a video demo

This is awesome! i was hearing tangerine dream as i read this. The drawing shows everything used to build the bridge other than the cable locking system, which is pictured below and in the video. This is truly lovely.

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