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Wife watches hubby suck at gloryhole


Wife makes husband eat cun at glory hole - videosexarchive

This started with us watching shows on tv and my wife and i saw peep shows, you know the ones where you put money in the slot the panel goes up and you get a strip show but you never got to see anything. Caroll had given me many head jobs and i wondered what it would be like to have a cock in my mouth because she seemed to love doing it to me. It was almost as if they were putting on a show for each other. She let out a noise and her whole body shuddered as she climaxed. The wife was more interested in me wanking the stranger’s cock than the other show.


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Wife watches hubby suck at gloryhole. The cock twitched as i licked it so i put just the head of it in my mouth and gave it a suck. The light blinked again but this time the wife said not to put more money in, a minute later the shutter came down. I just wore slacks and a shirt while the wife wore a nice summer dress, after all it was summer. Her pants were already wet just from watching another woman playing with herself.


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It wasn’t her getting naked that was so good it was the show she did after it. We locked the door behind us and sat down in the chairs. She grabbed my cock and started to wank me almost in time to me wanking the stranger.

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