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Women who like pantyhose


Husband wears pantyhose or tights | health24

When christina applegate lets total strangers touch her perfect fake boobs in the club bathroom. I may not be bloging as much as i was, but i have not left the group, just bear with me. Says: princess – and why is that? i dont even have that thing men use to jack off. Were too big and ended up as sad, saggy bunches of nylon gathered at the bottom of your legs. It is a challenge to answer your clarion call when my track record in convincing my wife to accommodate my preference is exceptionally poor.


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Women who like pantyhose. Unless you layer socks over the top of the tights but no-one wants the toe sweats. My uniform depicts the airline i work for, so i am uneasy posting any photos. Bare legs look tacky beyond belief, especially when i see the pics of actresses in designer dresses on red carpet. The scaredy cats know better than this, but lack the confidence to do what they feel is right because doing so would make them look like outcasts and subject them to ridicule. Any females here that still wears hose on a daily basis for work or maybe to an ocassion.

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I am considering whether i need them to get through life. If a man wishes to openly wear pantyhose in public, i feel that he is obliged to show some class and sensibility when assembling his outfit. Hose have even made some recent appearances on.

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